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For The Cats We Love

Banana Cat Bed

These banana cat beds will be an adorable favorite for your feline friends. Cozy and Comfy they will be the envy of all your cats. You may even wish you had one too.

Made out of super soft non-toxic materials and very easy to wash, these beds come in an assortment of sizes.

Just peel back the top and your cat will have the comfort and privacy that they desire.


Cat Flower Fountain

Picky drinker? Not anymore! Your favorite friend's water bowl will look and sound like an inviting, bubbling brook when you use the Flower Pet Fountain by Catit.

This innovative fountain encourages your pal to drink more water, keeping her healthy and hydrated using a unique, customizable design.

With three water flow settings, you can switch between a gentle flow of water, a bubbling top, or faucet-like streams. So, you can entice your fussy pet to drink. While she enjoys the seemingly never-ending flow of water, a triple-action filter removes magnesium, calcium, odors and debris.

Unlike most drinking fountains, this flower doesn't have a bowl for dirt to settle in and get comfortable. Instead, your pet is always drinking from a clean, fresh stream. That's what we call flower power!.


Pet Massager (For Cats and Dogs)

If your cat loves having their head and face scratched, the cat massager is the ideal tool for you. This massager helps you bond with your cat in a special way.

Giving a massage provides special benefits, not only for those receiving, but those giving. Science has proved that being a pet parent is good for your health. It reduces stress, reduces arterial pressure and improves your mood.

The Massager features two speed shifting and two way rotation and equipped with  water-proof and splash-proof design.

The silicon massage head feature's a bionic design which can provide minimal noise and a comfortable massage experience.

The ergonomic handshake design prevents the massager from slipping out of your hand; and the USB charging is easy to carry and use. The perfect gift for both you and your cat.



I love sitting on a lazy afternoon on the couch with my cat and massaging her with this pet massager. It's really relaxing for the both of us. Actually it's pretty therapeutic. 

Ima U.

It's great for long walks with my dog. I like walking long distances, but on hot days, it's not as easy for me to carry something to drink for Jackson too. I can just put this in my bag, it doesn't leak. Water only comes out when it's purposefully squeezed for him.

Angela W.

Customer services was amazing. Very friendly and helpful. Alice really exceeded my expectations.

Catherine J