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Kitty Massagers

Kitty Massager

With 20 different vibrational modes, there is no end to the pleasure that you can explore with this handy device. Small yet powerful, you can conceal this and enjoy while traveling or if you find you just have some time alone. No need for batteries or outlets, this can be recharged easily with a USB.

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Extremely Powerful Cat Massager

This simulator will have you reeling with pleasure. It will bring your kitty cat pleasure for years to come.


Remote Control Cat Massager

This is amazing for coupled or solo play. Wear this on the go or while on a date.  Imagine standing at a party with your boyfriend/girlfriend on the other side of the room controlling 10 different variations of pleasure.


Durable High Frequency Kitty Toy

Take a bath with one of our sweet smelling essential oils and use one of our toys to bring a smile to your face after a long day. Hit SHOP NOW to see what kind of inspiration we have to offer.



I love sitting on a lazy afternoon on the couch with my cat and massaging her with this pet massager. It's really relaxing for the both of us. Actually it's pretty therapeutic. 

Ima U.

It's great for long walks with my dog. I like walking long distances, but on hot days, it's not as easy for me to carry something to drink for Jackson too. I can just put this in my bag, it doesn't leak. Water only comes out when it's purposefully squeezed for him.

Angela W.

Customer services was amazing. Very friendly and helpful. Alice really exceeded my expectations.

Catherine J